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Bio snail

Bio Snail Total Body Gel

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Bio Snail Total Body Gel 90% Snail Slime

Ideal for all skin types, to treat imperfections on the face and body.

Facial and body gel with snail slime naturally rich in glycolic acid, allantoin, collagen, elastene and proteins, a real cocktail of nutritional ingredients for the well-being of the skin.
Acne, pimples, scars and stretch marks will no longer be a problem with this natural gel treatment that prevents and treats blemishes on the face and body thanks to the powerful functions of snail slime. Its
formula , without rinsing and with a silky touch, based on slime of Snail and Aloe Vera penetrates the skin, promoting an exfoliating action, eliminating dead cells that block pores, combating and preventing acne, including body acne.
Regulates sebaceous secretion, leaves the skin purified and reduces scars, blackheads, pimples, inflammation and skin blemishes.
With prolonged and daily use it can increase cell renewal after just a few weeks.
The result? Smooth, luminous, uniform and imperfection-free skin.

Designed to improve the firmness of the skin, it is recommended by doctors,
dermatologists and industry experts for the improvement and healing of stretch marks,
post-surgical or post-traumatic scars and for the treatment of particularly debilitated, dry,
acne-prone, atopic and with sores.
Snail Secretion Filtrate Extract, Glycerin, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (*), Propanediol, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate, Malva Sylvestris Leaf Extract (*), Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Olea Europaea Oil (** ), Aqua, Benzyl Alcohol, Parfum, Sodium Benzoate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Potassium Sorbate.

(*) Ingredients from organic farming
(**) Ingredient to support biodiversity
Method of use:
Apply to clean, dry skin, massage gently for a few seconds without rinsing.For a more
intense action, in the evening apply a more generous quantity to the inflamed areas and
leave it to act overnight.
Bio Snail Total Body Gel
Bio Snail Total Body Gel
Bio Snail Total Body Gel
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